Marketing Fundamentals is for you if you answered “no” to any of the following:

Does your web site limit the use of text and character count?
Does your web site make it easy to contact you?
Are key social links listed on your web site, including FB, IG, TW, LI, and YT?
Are the posts and copy updated on your social sites?
Do you have consistent branding between your web site and social sites?
Are you maximizing LinkedIn?
Are your images professional quality and properly-sized?
Does your web site look good on mobile?
Do visitors to your web site understand your business in less than 7 seconds?
Is your web site custom?
Does the quality of your web site reflect your product?
If you are promoting an event, are key dates and details easy to find and share?


Digital is for you if you answered “yes” to any of the following:

Does your web site load slowly?
Is it difficult for a first time visitor to navigate your web site?
Does your web site have broken links?
Are you using outdated features such as flash on your web site?
Do your thumbnail images and meta-tags require updates?
Has it been more than one months since you checked Google analytics?


Marketing Outsourced: get all the benefits and expertise of an in-house marketing department at a fraction of the cost and without the need to manage recruit and manage people. With full-service marketing receive the following:

Everything listed in Fundamental and Digital Marketing
Ongoing marketing expertise
Improved branding – made consistent across all platforms
Marketing strategies that are measurable and increase sales
Email campaign design, setup, and support
A better user-experience, which reflects positively on your brand
The latest design tools and platforms integrated into your web presence
Fresh content, written and uploaded to your web site
Unlimited graphic design
A dedicated web developer, content creator, and digital expert dedicated to your account


Immediate Need is for projects that require no further delay:

Custom web landing page(s) for a special event, conference, or unique campaign
Social media posts
Personal branding and LinkedIn profile building
Cleaning up a mess created by your previous marketing person/agency