Good content sells. I craft a message that integrates your sustainability goals into your business objectives, engaging your audience. Does a cohesive narrative support your sustainability message? Does it include measurement and reporting tools, and correct lingo? I make sure your sustainability message is cohesive, memorable, well-supported, unique, critic proof, and consistent with marketing trends as related to sustainability. The key, focus on stories that are purpose driven, authentic, and make others the hero.


Does your web site follow the latest design trends and include CTAs? Our in-house creative design team specializes in web sites, info-graphics, and custom image creation. These services are afordable, and allow you the freedom to focus on your business without having to manage a creative design team.

Award submissions, pr, and press releases

Good content attracts media — without having to pay for PR. Diferentiate your company with a message that gets the attention of media, stakeholders, awards committees, and conference education reviewers. In cases when a press release is needed, turn around time is as quick as 48 hours.

Personal Brand

In today’s marketplace, your personal brand is more important than ever, especially for sales teams and the C-suite. Consumers seek authenticity and the face of company’s leadership. I help you maximize the power of LinkedIn with a strong personal profile and custom content.

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I specialize in communications and marketing for companies in the energy efficiency and sustainability sectors. My clients include developers, homebuilders, municipalities, manufacturers, and startups. I also work with marketing departments and agencies seeking expertise and guidance for their clients' sustainability narrative.

Philip Beere

  • Host of the popular podcast, Corporate Sustainability.
  • Author of LinkedIn articles receiving 50,000+ views.
  • Remodeled the frst LEED certifed Gold home in the U.S.
  • Speaker at Greenbuild and IBS
  • Featured on CBS Evening News, NPR, Business Week, and Fox Business
  • 6-time NAHB green award recipient
  • Latin America market expert


  • Is your sustainability-related message relevant?
  • Does it use correct lingo and silence the critics?
  • Is it engaging and share-worthy?
  • Are you in a ‘dirty’ industry and overstating your product’s environmental benefit?
  • Are you inadvertently green-washing or impact-washing?
  • Does your sustainability message address supply chain and LCA?

A good sustainability message avoids marketing pitfalls, silences the critics, and appeals to Millennials along with your target market. When done right, a good sustainability story can result in PR, awards and recognition, and an acceleration of your business objectives.

On the other hand, if you answered ‘not sure’ to any of the above, your message maybe viewed as green or impact washing or expose ignorant marketing,
resulting in brand damage or a loss of credibility.

When working with me, I make certain your  sustainability message is unique and powerful, while integrating it into your  business objectives.

Dirty businesses include: homebuilding, solar panel manufacturers, energy storage, hospitality, airlines, and products that are bad for health.

Note: All can be marketed with a sustainability message, when done correctly.

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